Disney method

Walt Disney used to use his own testing method, wich he called Imagineering - something cross between imagination and engineering The working process on the idea required to considerate it from three different sides: the dreamer, the realist and critic.

Dreamer is full of a variety of ideas, desires and images. At this stage, there is no censorship, nothing is considered too be absurd or to be stupid, here everything is possible. To take the position of a dreamer, you can ask yourself: "If I had a magic wand, what would I do?" Realist transforms visionary ideas into something practical and something probable. He wonders how to make this project working? How many parts does this task include? What is its meaning? What similar products are already exists? The critic considers the idea from the point of view of their shortcomings. He wonders: "What do I really think about it? Is this option realy the best? What can I do to improve it?

Today the «Imagineering.Studio» team is working on ideas using the Disney`s script, gradually moving from room to room. To repeat the idea, each room is endowed with its functions: the first room, like many years ago, is for fantasizes, the second - to create an outline, a third room - is a room of fierce criticism. Often, the project returns to the revision in the first or second room.

Special thanks to Walt Disney for the wonderful childhood!


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To attract the strangers attention!
They should notice something new, exciting, desirable and individual, something very easy in decision … everyone thought about this, but only you realized it!

Absolutely legal requirement to design.


Let’s be honest, Your only goal – is to sell!
That is why you are so serious about design … Today, even the Mint can not make money without advertising:

page “banknote-Mint National Bank of Ukraine"


Correctly fill in the web space of information about your company, using both modern and classical mechanisms of Web engineering: the development of sites, inetrnet stores, Landing pages, and mobile applications.

To calculate the cost of studios services to develop your product, please, fill in the brief



Web Sites

Corporate Website

PR, management, feedback between your company and the customers/clients

To order
5000 UAH

Website business card

A small site wich consists of one-two (several) pages. To Demonstrate goods, services, persons and organizations

To order
5000 UAH

Landing page

Target or landing page, one of the most effective product of E-commerce, for the instantaneous sale of goods or services.

To order
10000 UAH

Internet catalog

For demonstration and sales of goods and services your company

To order
12000 UAH

Online shop

Development of an individual platform to account and sale the goods.

To order
15000 UAH



The companies trademark must have an original tracing and as well to have full or abbreviated name of the company.

To order
2000 UAH

Buisness card

Development of companies business card design for circulation

To order
500 UAH

Banners and events

Block, imagine + text

To order
500 UAH

Company style

Development a design, a logotype, a banner, business card, packing, in one same style

To order



  • Analysis of professional activity
  • Development of management strategy
  •  Attracting customers
  • Photoshoot (5 photos)
  • Instagram video
  • Must following , must liking
To order


  • Analysis of professional activity
  • Development of marketing strategy
  • Shooting plan with location
  • Photoshoot (2 hours)
  • 20 processed photos
  • Setting up targeted ads
  • Must following, must liking
To order


  • Content strategy, personal content manager.
  • 30 photos + 3 insta video
  • 30 texts
  • Publication of 30 stories for additional coverage
  • Daily publication
  • Content plan for the month
  • Must Folowing
  • Support
To order


  • Development of image account
  • Conducting management campaign 1 month
  • Workship with bloggers and opinion leaders
  • Creating a contest with a result/totals
To order


Reportage photo

(Corporate parties, celebrations, birthdays, events)

To order
500 UAH

Advertising photography

The price from 10$/photo

To order

Object shooting

Up to 50 pictures – 100UAH / photoMore 50 photos – 75 UAH / photo

To order

Advertising, promotion


The conclusion of the site in the TOP positions for search

To order
6000 UAH

Setting up contextual advertising

Studio doesn’t resell free Google services
+38 0 800 503 244 - Google Consultant

Individual setting of contextual advertising is available only for
products developed by the studio and included in the cost of development

To order


Optimization of the site for the rank of search engines, to increase the search engine rank

To order
6000 UAH

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